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Anthony Flint Estate Agents aim to provide services to the highest possible standard, however sometimes things do go wrong.  If you are unhappy about any aspect of our service, or the way you have been treated by a member of our workforce, we encourage you to make your views known to us immediately and we will seek to make an appropriate response.

Principles of our complaints procedure:

We aim

    • To resolve as many complaints as possible at first point of contact
    • To deal with all complaints promptly, fairly, politely and where appropriate, informally
    • To make the process of making a complaint as simple as possible
    • To learn from complaints and use them to improve our services
    • To ensure al complaints are dealt with as confidentially as possible, except where other parties are materially involved i.e. joint ownership of a property


If things go wrong:

There are two routes for making a complaint, depending on whether your complaint is about a service you received from us or the way you were treated by a member of our workforce, or it concerns something about the organisation as a whole.

If you have a complaint about our services or an individual, please speak to the Director, who is in charge of managing the Company, who will aim to resolve our complaint immediately if possible.  The appropriate contact is as follows:

Mr Anthony Flint,
125 Mostyn Street,
LL30 2PE

What happens next?

If you are still not satisfied with the response you have received, please outline the details of your complaint by letter or e-mail and indicate how you wish us to respond, such as by telephone, letter or e-mail.  Remember to include your full contact details.

Your complaint will be acknowledged by letter or e-mail within seven days from the date it is received.  The letter will tell you who is responsible for dealing with your complaint and give contact details, including a telephone number.

We will aim to provide a full response to your complaint within fifteen days of the start of our investigation.  Our response will include:

    • Details of our investigation
    • The decision about whether your complaint has been upheld or not and the reason for our decision
    • If appropriate, how we will adapt our working practices to try and ensure such an issue does not arise in the future


If we are unable to provide you with a full reply within fifteen days, we will contact you and tell you why.  We will also give you a date by which a full answer is expected.

What if I am still not happy?

If you are not happy with the response to your complaint, then you need to outline the reasons why you are dissatisfied in a letter to The Property Ombudsman, their details are – The Property Ombudsman, Milford House, 43 – 55 Milford Street, Salisbury SP1 2BP Tel: 01722 335458 Website: